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"Let's Save the Baltic Sea" environmental campaign and expedition around the Baltic Sea were presented at the 14th EUSBSR Annual Forum on October 4-5 in Riga with a though-provoking art exhibition.

International environmental protection campaign

The campaign is planned to take place during 2024 starting in Lithuania. The initiative has already received endorsements from the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania and the President of the Republic of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus.

"Let's Save the Baltic Sea!" will be a unique international environmental protection campaign that will involve a team of activists hiking across the eight EU member states around the Baltic Sea. Ocean literacy and co-design events will be organized in each of the countries along the way. The purpose of the expedition is to inform citizens about the state of the Baltic Sea and to co-create and communicate area-specific recommendations on how citizens can actively participate in mitigating Baltic Sea pollution issues in support of the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan, and cintributing to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

In collaboration with local scientific institutions and NGOs, the aim is to organize events in each country the expedition crosses. These events will not only invite local communities to participate in citizen science and educational activities but also include workshops that bring together communities and stakeholders to co-design local recommendations. These recommendations can then be widely disseminated to citizens and stakeholders through a communications campaign.

The campaign goals are closely aligned with the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan, especially HL7: "Launch educational and information campaigns by 2025 to raise public awareness regarding responsible handling of hazardous substances in household chemicals and articles to prevent their release into the environment". The initiative will place a great focus on hazardous chemicals reaching the sea from households. "Let's save the Baltic Sea!" campaign would like to invite you to become a partners and catalyze progress towards this (and potentially other) action items together.

Let's join forces and make a strong contribution to the Baltic Sea Action Plan!

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Modesta Viskonté, Inga Ablingienė, Robertas Bružilas, Elena Kolosova and Giedrius Bučas.


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