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The Economy of Well-being and a podcast about success and challenges in promoting better health and well-being of people in our region


Connecting minds for healthy lives is at the core of the EUSBSR Policy Area Health coordinator, the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS). To bring the conversation about health and well-being related topics further, PA Health has launched a podcast series Tune in Health.

Tune in Health, hosted by the NDPHS Secretariat, offers insights into emerging topics in the niche of health and well-being, tells unique stories from our region about progress and obstacles in developing
sustainable and inclusive societies and keeps the listeners up to date with the PA Health’s activities. Podcast’s expert guests and opinion leaders from across the Baltic Sea Region and Northern Europe
discuss trends and transformations in our health and social systems, challenge misconceptions and stereotypes, and highlight why and how we are all responsible for healthy and resilient communities to thrive.

In the episode How can the Economy of Well-being lead to resilient communities and societies? The NDPHS Secretariat has invited Anni Marttinen, the chief economist of the Finnish Social
Welfare and Health Association (SOSTE), a social media influencer and a podcast host
. Our guest explains the concept of the Economy of Well-being and analyzes Finland’s work on the topic. How can a
nation or a region measure well-being and what important steps need to be taken to promote the concept further? The conversation came down to discussing how we’re doing as individuals, communities and as
nations, and how sustainable that is for the future.


Anni Marttinen: “If we don’t think about the Economy of Well-being we will not have an economy to think about”.


It has become evident that GDP cannot be the only measure of regional development and prosperity, because economic growth has not provided well-being for all people and we need to recognize it. Healthy
societies are one of the prerequisites for productivity, economic competitiveness and further development. PA Health has prioritized the Economy of Wellbeing as part of the Health in All Policies
approach. The aim is that the Economy of Well-being becomes a governance tool with the objective to put people and their well-being at the center of policy and decision making.

The views expressed by the guests on the podcast do not constitute an official position or endorsement by the NDPHS.



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