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Workshop: Innovative water protection measures for agriculture – gypsum, structure lime and other ideas

Written by  PA Nutri

Organisers: PA Nutri and project Gypsum Initiative*

Title: Innovative water protection measures for agriculture – gypsum, structure lime and other ideas

Date: September 30th, 9.00 -10.30 (CET)

The Baltic Sea is highly affected by eutrophication: according to HELCOM (2018), 97% of the sea area is below good status in regard to eutrophication. A major part of the anthropogenic nutrient loading originates from diffuse sources, which are difficult to control and where fewer nutrient load reductions have been achieved.

In agriculture, however, there are promising new methods for curbing nutrient loading, namely gypsum and structure lime. Apart from these two innovations, also other solutions are urgently needed.

Participants to the EUSBSR Annual Forum are invited to learn about experiences with gypsum and structure lime, and to present their own nutrient reduction methods and innovations.


Opening words: Anna Hernberg, Policy Area Coordinator, PA Nutri & Ministry of Environment, Finland

Keynote speeches:

Gypsum, Dr. Petri Ekholm, Senior researcher, Finnish Environment Institute

Structure lime, Dr. Kerstin Berglund, Associate professor, SLU, Sweden

Other emerging technologies:

Nitrogen balance calculator, Dr. Tapio Salo, Principal scientist, Natural Resources Institute, Finland

Fiber sludge in agricultural water protection, Dr. Kimmo Rasa, Senior scientist, Natural Resources Institute, Finland

Questions & Closing


Join the workshop and other Annual Forum events here.

*Gypsum Initiative is led by the John Nurminen Foundation and funded by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment from the funds allocated by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs for Cooperation in the Baltic Sea, Barents and Arctic Region

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