2017 Berlin

Creating the future of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR):  Better competitiveness through joint research cooperation?

A high level political panel will discuss the seminar topic based on the preliminary results of a Baltic Science Network (BSN) study on research cooperation in the BSR and selected good practice examples from the region.

Time:   13.6.2017, 17:00-18:30    

Baltic Science Network (BSN) serves as transnational forum for higher education, science, and research cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. BSN is gathering relevant transnational, national, and regional policy actors from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) countries. The Network serves as a springboard for targeted multilateral activities in the frame of research and innovation excellence, mobility of scientists and widening participation. BSN has commissioned a study on research cooperation in the BSR that will enable BSN and its partners to develop proposals for joint transnational science strategy making in specific areas of scientific excellence. The preliminary results of the study will be discussed by the panel.


  • Katharina Fegebank, Minister of Science, Research and Equalities, Hamburg


  • Baltic Science Network, Klaus von Lepel, Ministry of Science, Research and Equalities, Hamburg
  • Preliminary results of the study on identifying specific strategic areas that have potential to become areas of scientific excellence on transnational level in the Baltic Sea Region, Prof. Dr. Kazimierz Musial, Scientific Foundation Norden Centrum, Poland
  • Best practice example: BONUS programme (film)

After the presentations the panel will discuss the following issues:

  • Contributions of science and research to make the EU great again
  • New ways to intensify research cooperation in the BSR
  • BSR as a “test laboratory” for the European Research area?
  • Joint strategy making / joint programming in research  – chances and limits


  • Katharina Fegebank, Minister of Science, Research and Equalities, Hamburg
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Feidenhans´l, Director, European  XFEL
  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Dosch, Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors
  • Kaisa Kononen, BONUS-programme
  • Lone Jessen, NordForsk


  • Jan-Martin Wiarda, Journalist for education and science

Organiser(s) & contact details:

Baltic Science Network (BSN)
Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Hamburg Ministry of Science, Research and Equalities (lead partner of BSN)
Hamburger Straße 37, 22083 Hamburg
Katariina Röbbelen-Voigt
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+49-40-42863-2004, +49-172-4009072


What chances do we have in defining joint areas of excellence and joint strategies and research programmes, how can it help making BSR more competitive? What are the added value and benefits for the region and the single states and where are the limits? Can we define other cooperation criteria than excellence or must all cooperation be excellence driven?

The panelists have been chosen in order to have discussion input from several different points of views .
The discussion will be moderated which ensures that all panelists have the chance to be responsive to the leading questions.

As outcome the results of the discussion and recommendations from the panelists will be integrated in further work of BSN.