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Policy Area (PA) ‘Culture’ focuses on culture and creative sectors and industries in the Baltic Sea region.

PA Culture actions include promoting the Baltic Sea region cultural and creative industries by encouraging creative entrepreneurship, as well as promoting and presenting Baltic Sea region culture using the innovative force of culture for societal development. PA Culture also focuses on preservation and presentation the Baltic Sea region cultural heritage and strengthening the cultural identity of the region, as well as developing an efficient framework for Baltic Sea region cultural cooperation. PA Culture is coordinated by Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and Poland.

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Upcoming events:

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ARS Baltica, PA Culture, and the CCI Contact Desk invite you to a series of online workshops. In total, there will be three workshops:

💡From Brainstorming to Breakthroughs: Transforming Ideas into Actionable Plans
🤝From Contact to Connection: Tools for Effective Partnership Building
📈Beyond the Basics: Exploring Opportunities for Fundraising and Development

📆Our second online workshop is scheduled for 30th of November from 2-4 p.m. CET

📝 Registration here:


About the workshop:

Implementing great ideas with good partnerships requires resources. Various programmes are available to support cultural and creative initiatives, be it for cooperation projects or individual approaches. Our workshop provides you with insights into funding programmes some of which you might not know (yet) and ways how to identify a programme that fits your ideas. Together we will share experiences about good practices as well as unsuccessful experiences. Finally, you will learn about some essentials for project developments and accessing funding programmes.

Our expert:

Where other people are scared of funding requirements, developing project work plans and budget planning, Lars Schieber is fascinated with all these things relevant for eligible projects. He likes to enable partnerships to turn their ideas into approved project applications.

Being a project manager at REM Consult, based in Hamburg, he is supporting mainly EU funded projects of very diverse topics – ranging from innovation to circular economy. He conceptualises and writes applications with project partnerships as well as supports in the project management and financial management of approved projects. Beyond having supported projects and applications for more than ten years in more than a dozen regional, national and European funding programmes, he moderates events, develops and teaches at university.


Past events:


Baltic Sea Creativ Workshops 03

Is there a recipe for a successful international partnership? Probably more than one.

Does the recipe have to be followed rigorously and to the letter? Probably not. Once you know all the ingredients and the basic steps to be followed there is a space for letting loose, improvising a bit and… enjoying the results! The better the partnership, the better the project at the end.

This workshop will explore different variations of partnerships and scenarios for partnership building based on case studies, real-life experiences and lessons learned (i.e. “learn from the mistakes of others…”). We will give you hints and tips on what, when and how so you are safe and happy with the results. There will be something for beginners and for those already advanced in international cooperation eg. from where and how to find international partners (and not just any organisation to partner up with but how to find those that would be the best possible fit) through what not to forget while drafting partnership agreements to how to keep partners engaged during the whole process.  

We will also decode “a successful partnership”. Is it the one that allows you to get the grant? The one that guarantees running a project smoothly? Or maybe the one that lasts after the final reports are submitted and ready for the next challenge? At what stage should one involve partners: ideation or drafting grant application? That’s for you to decide. Throughout this workshop, we might help you with that too.


Past events:

 Baltic Sea Creativ Workshops 03

Starting with a great idea is undoubtedly an excellent beginning to creating something remarkable. However, no matter how great the idea is, it will remain an idea unless it's transformed into reality. Our workshop will guide you through turning your idea into a reality by addressing three critical questions in the following order: why, who, and how. We will help you choose and adjust your concept to answer these questions, and once you have clarity on them, you will achieve breakthroughs by taking clear steps toward achieving the greatness you desire.


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PA Culture organised the webinar "EU strategic frameworks for culture" on 20 June 2023. You can watch the recording on YouTube or read the review to get an overview of the frameworks and funding opportunities of European cultural policy, the New European Bauhaus as well as EIT Culture and Creativity Knowledge and Innovation Community.


Policy Area Coordination Germany

Franziska Kapteina
Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Areas, European Affairs and Consumer Protection                 



Policy Area Coordination Poland

Magdalena Kleszczewska

Adam Mickiewicz Institute