Text: Inga Ablingienė, Coordinator of Policy Area Transport

On November 7th, PA Transport showcased its commitment to shaping the future of transportation in the Baltic Sea Region and wider Europe at the Scandria Alliance and CPMR Baltic Sea Commission Joint Conference in Helsinki. The conference, themed around adapting to a changing geopolitical landscape, brought together experts and regional leaders to discuss pivotal issues affecting the region's transportation sector.

7th Nov 2023 CRPM Helsinki


Inga Ablingienė, representing Policy Area Transport, participated in a discussion panel. The panel delved into the profound impacts of the recent geopolitical shifts, particularly the post-Russian invasion of Ukraine, and how these events have realigned transport priorities from an East-West to a North-South orientation. The discussions underscored a unanimous consensus on the significant reorientation of priorities and the heightened focus on military mobility projects in the North.


"The role of digital technologies in advancing the green transition of transportation is pivotal." Inga Ablingienė, Policy Area Transport Coordinator


A key highlight by Inga Ablingienė was the emphasis on the role of digital technologies in advancing the green transition of transportation. The integration of digital tools is seen as pivotal in enhancing transparency, resilience, and real-time data accessibility in the transport sector. EUSBSR PA Transport considers the need for digitalization to be at the forefront of transport developments.

The conference also focused on sustainability, military issues, and the critical role of Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) funding. A call to action was made to accelerate CEF funding for highly efficient projects, underlining the importance of collaborative efforts in this domain.

PA Transport and other participants recognized the growing necessity of developing a North-South transport corridor to boost the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region. The future of the Arctic and the new TEN-T regulation were identified as pivotal areas of focus.

Both CPMR Baltic Sea Commission and PA Transport expressed their dedication to contributing to the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), reaffirming their commitment to a resilient and forward-thinking transportation system.

For more information and insights from the conference, please refer to the press release titled "Spotlight on the Resilience of the Transport System" available on the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission website.