On 6th September, leaders of transport projects had their first formal meeting chaired by the PA Transport. The aim of the gathering was to strengthen partnership among project leaders, policy coordinators, financing institutions and offering them a platform to share and discuss mutual expectations.

Totally seven projects financed by Interreg Baltic Sea Region program, Interreg Central Baltic program and Interreg Aurora program participated in the event. The Secretariat of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region program participated as a main financial donor of transport projects.

Discussions were centred around two primary topics:

  • Enhancing visibility of projects
  • Efficient dissemination of project conclusions

PA Transport is committed to ensuring that transport projects and their activities will be visible to public and stakeholders representing transport sector. However, communication tools available for projects leaders are often limited. Therefore, it is worth to consider offering project leaders access to communication platforms available for Policy Area coordinators and the Baltic Strategy Point (BSP) to promote their projects.

Even though most transport projects are in their early starting phases, it is vital to define specific target groups benefiting from outcomes of projects’ work. Policy Area leaders with their extensive contact network, for instance utilizing their connections with members of Steering Groups, have an instrumental role here to guaranteeing that findings reach to the right audience.

Starting with series of this kind of meeting the Policy Area Transport hopes to bridge projects which stimulate safe, sustainable and efficient transport an in the Baltic Sea region. The time and topics of the next meeting have not been decided yet, but it could take place after an half a year.