Text: Tarmo Ots, Policy Area Transport Coordinator


The newly established PA Transport E-library is created to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the latest priorities in the transport sector. The collection contains Communications and Strategies that shed light on future trends on land, air, and waterborne transportation within the European Union and in the Baltic Sea Region. Two new documents have recently been added to the collection now available on the website:


Over the summer, the European Commission released a document called Strategy for the EU integration of the Ukrainian and Moldovan rail systems and, as of August, Policy Area Transport has secured the necessary permissions to make the document available on our website. The importance of this document to the EUSBSR cannot be understated, as the integration of transport corridors connecting the Baltic Sea region (especially countries such as Poland and the Baltic States) with third countries is among the primary priorities of Policy Area Transport. The integration of two different railway systems has a high relevance as existing transport corridors via Russia and Belarus do not function anymore and new alternative routes are not technically advanced as needed.

Another new document now accessible in the e-library is Vision of the Territorial Development of the Baltic Sea Region (known as VASAB Vision 2040). This forward-looking strategy dedicates substantial content to transport, offering insights into how the transport network in our region is envisioned to function two decades from now.

PA Transport hopes these materials are used as reference resources or assisting tools when preparing project proposals. According to the long-term vision, the e-library will be one module of the stakeholders’ platform which keeps interested parties updated with the latest advancements in global and regional policies, project reports, surveys, and such.