Text: Elsi Kauppinen, Policy Area Nutri Coordinator


PA Nutri organised a seminar titled “Seminar for Ukrainian and Baltic Sea Region authorities on wastewater treatment standards and legal frames in the EU” on the 29th of May 2023. The seminar was meant for sharing experiences gathered in the Baltic Sea Region about wastewater sector and for fostering sustainable cooperation between the Baltic Sea Region area and Ukraine, and gathered more than 60 participants from the region and from Ukraine. 

The first part of the seminar covered legal and practical experiences from Poland, Sweden and Finland, and the second part presented ongoing and past projects to show what kind of issues are still relevant today and how they are getting tackled.

The event was recorded and can be viewed here. If the presentations raise further questions, you can send them through this link and we will try to organise a way to answer them. 


Agenda and presentations (missing presentations will be added later)

Welcoming words from the EUSBSR Baltic Sea Strategy Point, Viktoriia Hladii

Introduction to the seminar, Elsi Kauppinen PA Nutri coordinator pdf EUSBSR PA Nutri welcoming words seminar 29.5.2023

Introduction to the situation in Ukraine, Roman Tutskyi, Basin Department of water resources of Zakhidnyi Buh and Sian rivers 

The Directive – legal requirements for the EU member states & what kind of experiences were gained in Poland from the joining of EU and implementing the directive, what to take into account in Ukraine, Przemyslaw Gruszecki,  State Water Holding Polish Waters pdf Przemyslaw Gruszecki and Joanna Anczarska Seminar 29th of May

Experiences about implementing the directive in Finland, Ari Kangas Finnish Ministry of the Environment pdf Ari Kangas UWWTD Ukraina 2023

The UWWT administration – Administrative examples from Sweden – how wastewater treatment administration works, how WWT is financed,  Erik Karlsson, Svenskt Vatten pdf Erik Karlsson WWT examples Sweden

The UWWT in practice – Example of a Finnish WWTP (Turku),  Jarkko Laanti and Jouko Tuomi, Turku Region Wastewater Treatment Plant pdf Jarkko Laanti and Jouko Tuomi 2023-05-29 The UWWT in practice Example of a Finnish WWTP_jakoon

What is the agglomeration, how its determined, etc, lessons learnt from Poland, Joanna Anczarska, State Water Holding Polish Waters pdf Przemyslaw Gruszecki and Joanna Anczarska Seminar 29th of May

An available solution for phosphorus removal through chemical precipitation at the waste water treatment plant in Lviv, Andriy Malovanyy, ivl Swedish Environmental Research Institute pdf Andriy Malovanyy 2023 P precipitation in Lviv

Baltic Smart Water Hub, EMPEREST-project, Agnieszka Ilola, Union of the Baltic Cities pdf Agnieszka Ilola UBC SCC_PA Nutri seminar_29.5.2023 AIlola

ReNutriWater-project, Paula Biveson, Centrum Balticum pdf Paula Biveson ReNutriWater - EUSBSR PA Nutri 29May2023

Towards Energy Self-Sufficiency in Wastewater Treatment in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in Finland, Anna Kuokkanen, Helsinki Region Environmental Services pdf Anna Kuokkanen Energy self-sufficiency in WWT in Helsinki 29052023

The summary speach, Elsi Kauppinen pdf EUSBSR PA Nutri final words seminar 29.5.2023