EUSBSR workshop about "Strengthening and developing cooperation with Ukraine to empower sustainable rebuilding"

CategoryPA Nutri Events
  • 04/10/2023 13:00
Venue The Small Guild, Riga, Latvia

Welcome to discuss how the Baltic Sea Region could contribute towards sustainable rebuilding of Ukraine in Riga on the 4th of October.  This workshop is part of the EUSBSR Annual Forum programme. The forum unites policymakers, stakeholders and friends of the Strategy to celebrate and reinforce multilevel cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. Read more and register for the forum at

The workshop explores needs for future cooperation between the Baltic Sea Region and Ukraine, focusing on how to empower sustainable rebuilding that will support the improvement of the state of the Baltic Sea. The event will begin with a welcoming word from a representative from the EU DG REGIO, followed by panel discussion about ongoing cooperation between EUSBSR policy areas and actors in Ukraine. After the panel discussion there will be roundtables, each focusing on an environmental topic that supports the Save the Sea objective of the EUSBSR. Youth and Ukrainian participants will join each roundtable, to give their perspective on building a sustainable future.

EUSBSR Policy Areas that are participating to the organisation of the workshop at the Forum are Nutri, Bioeconomy, Ship and Hazards. Council of the Baltic Sea States and Swedish Institute are other co-organisers.