EUSBSR Annual Forum 2023 workshop: Driving collaborative decarbonization and climate adaptation in the Baltic Sea region

CategoryPA Innovation Events
  • 04/10/2023 10:00 - 11:30
  • 04/10/2023 00:00
Venue The Small Guild / Mazā Ģilde, Riga, Latvia -
Number of seats100
Seats available69

Description of the workshop:

The current strong EU climate policy and ambitious climate goals of BSR cities, regions and companies provide an excellent framework for jointly addressing climate-related challenges in BSR. Despite the importance of locally specific geographical conditions and contexts within BSR, there are sufficient climate and cultural similarities to offer BSR a unique opportunity to become a role model for decarbonization and climate change adaptation. In the EUSBSR, this opportunity underlines the importance of cross-sectoral/policy area collaboration on climate related EU missions, and a strong strategic approach, partnerships and coordinated efforts for successful macro-regional utilisation and attraction of related new EU funding opportunities. There is a need to deepen and scale-up acceleration mechanisms in the framework of EUSBSR.

In the workshop, opportunities and need for EUSBSR-facilitated ‘collaborative decarbonization and climate change adaptation’ integrative approach to systemic and cross-sectoral innovations, specifically on city or regional level, are discussed. The workshop especially focuses on the contribution of and cooperation opportunities between BSR cities and regions under the EU missions ‘100 Climate-neutral and Smart Cities by 2030’ and ‘Adaptation to Climate Change’. Forerunner cities are currently defining their road maps for carbon neutrality through the climate city contracts that include ambitious development projects and the investments necessary to reach the target. The EU Member State ministries and funding agencies provide funding to support these ambitions. Whereas strong backing and interest for collaboration exists, BSR climate/mission collaborations have yet to be fully supported with closer macro-regional coordination and bolder collaborative projects.

Outline of the workshop format:

Panel discussion (setting the scene, key challenges and solutions) – 30 min
Interactive discussion facilitated by moderator - 45 min
Conclusion - 15 min

Speakers (TBC):

Ms. Rebecka Persson, Environmental Director, City of Malmö, Sweden / Ms. Inga Ablingiene, EUSBSR Policy Area Transport coordinator, International Relations Manager, Transport Innovation Agency, Lithuania

Dr. Ignė Stalmokaitė, Policy Officer for Priority Area Sustainable and Prosperous Region, Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat

Ms. Kaisa Mustajärvi, Development Manager / Mr. Kari Kankaala, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Tampere, Finland

Mrs. Gabriela Kuštan, Sustainable Development and Energy Advisor, Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania

Moderator: Mr. Patrik Laxell, Associate Partner, Synocus Ltd