Seminar for Ukrainian and Baltic Sea Region local authorities on wastewater treatment standards and legal frames in the EU, 29th of May

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  • 29/05/2023 10:00
Venue Online

Policy Area Nutri organises an online seminar about how wastewater treatment sector in the Baltic Sea Region has developed over the years, the relevant EU regulations and legal frames, what kind of lessons-learnt have been gained at the sector from the process of joining the EU or afterwards, what kind of best-practices have been developed recently and what new issues are being worked on. These experiences are meant for supporting the Ukrainian wastewater authorities and practitioners but can also offer valuable information for people in the Baltic Sea Region.

The seminar will have plenty of time reserved for comments and discussions. If you want to make sure to get your comment or question heard, please send it in advance through the registration-link.


Seminar will be held online on 29th of May, at 10:00-15.00 EET (9:00-14.00 CET).
Please reserve the date, register and send possible questions to the speakers here:


Agenda is attached, see on top.


Kankaanpaa wastewater treatment plant


The seminar will be the first edition of PA Nutri Talks, a concept meant for disseminating results from new, old and upcoming projects and spreading good practices at the Baltic Sea Region -scale.