2018 Tallinn


Date, Time

Tuesday, 5 June, 13.30-15.00 @ Hall D



Ms Kirsi Ahlman, Project Manager, Let’s Communicate!

Ms Miitta Eronen, Project Coordinator, Let’s Communicate!



Ms Maxi Nachtigall, PA Coordinator, PA HAZARDS

Dr Lina Marcinkute, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission

Ms Joanna Wojtkowska, EUSBSR National Coordinator, Poland



Einstein was famously quoted as saying, “Everything should be communicated as simple as possible – but no simpler.” This is the guiding principle in communicating a complex framework like the EUSBSR. As the 10th anniversary of the EUSBSR approaches and the Communications Point of the Strategy (the “Let’s communicate!” project) has been operational for two years, it is a good time to share our experiences of what the biggest challenges in communicating the EUSBSR are and wahat are the ways for tackling them. Good examples of how key EUSBSR stakeholders have coped with communication challenges will be shared. The future of EUSBSR communications will also discussed at the seminar. The approaching 10th anniversary in 2019 is a great opportunity to communicate the achievements of the EUSBSR and underline the importance of macro-regional cooperation.

The seminar will also include the world premiere of new videos promoting the EUSBSR.



Ms Miitta Eronen, Centrum Balticum Foundation, Lead Partner of Let’s Communicate!

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