Noted by Tarmo Ots, Policy Area Coordinator, PA Transport


EUSBSR Policy Area Transport was invited to participate in a meeting of the transport working group of the Atlantic Arc Commission. The request was submitted by the members of this group to get more information about the EU Strategy of the Baltic Sea Region and to define how to use the specific expertise of the Policy Area Transport in the Atlantic region.

The Atlantic Arc Commission is one of the six Geographical Commissions in the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe known also as CPMR. It covers five states (Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Portugal) in a territory spreading from Andalucia to Donegal.

The Atlantic Arc Commissionhas established a special working group dedicated to transport issues. Atlantic regions of the CPMR are exploring possibilities to create an Atlantic Macro-Region like the Baltic Sea Region. Therefore, the members are interested to know how this macro-regional cooperation has materialised and what are the benefits and challenges Policy Areas are facing. 

The advisory role gives PA Transport a good possibility to promote strategic values of the Strategy of the Baltic Sea, explain the importance of the objectives of the regional Strategy, and assist our partners in the Atlantic area to find the most suitable management model to coordinate the policy area in the future in a most efficient way.

This is not the first time the EUSBSR works together with the Geographical Commissions (CPMR) in the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe. The strategy and PA Transport have close contacts and regular exchange of information with the Baltic Commission which is another geographical Commission under the umbrella of the CPMR.

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