EUSBSR Policy Area Tourism supports the newly approved Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme 2021-2027 projects that are linked with PA Tourism Action Plan and policy objectives. One of these projects is a small-scale type of project called BaltSusBoating 2030.

The idea behind BaltSusBoating 2030 project lays in the Partners’ conviction that the boating destinations and institutional cooperation at sub-Baltic Sea Region level, as done within previous projects (eg. South Coast Baltic, East Baltic Coast, etc), are too narrow for addressing certain markets and reaching certain target groups. Therefore, it is necessary to team up and present the Baltic Sea as a single destination for using all the potentials and to create the competitive edge over other boating regions. 

Moreover, as acknowledged by the Partners, the boating tourism sector depends on public funding (infrastructure, guest boating marketing) but is seen rather a niche segment by tourism stakeholders and policy makers. That is why for a better (financial) support it is necessary to raise awareness on socio-economic potential and needs of the sector.


kick off meeting BSB2030

BaltSusBoating 2030 kick-off meeting, November 2023, Gdańsk, Poland


An important feature of BaltSusBoating 2030 initiative is its strategic focus on environmental and social sustainability as a central societal goal. It claims that increased awareness of these issues will change customer behaviour in leisure boating tourism and that sustainability has the potential to become the competitive edge of the Baltic Sea Region. Ultimately, the partners hope to deliver a strategy for sustainable boating tourism development and joint marketing of the Baltic Sea.


The BaltSusBoating 2030 consortium consists of the main umbrella organisations for boating destination development and guest boating marketing in the Baltic Sea Region.

The project is led by the Association of Sea Cities & Municipalities (ZMiGM – Poland). 

Other partners are:

  • Council of the Baltic Sea States (Sweden)
  • Riga Planning Region (Latvia)
  • Enterprising Archipelago (Finland)
  • The Union of Swedish Guest Harbours (Sweden)
  • Associated partner is the Association of Leisure Boat Harbours (Denmark)
  • The Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu (Estonia) 


BaltSusBoating 2030 will last 24 months and have the budget of almost 0.5 million EUR, co-financed from Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. More information about the Partners, planned and performed activities as well as relevant news can be found on the project website and social media of the Association of Sea Cities and Municipalities and the other partners.


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