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On-going projects

Evaluation, control and mitigation of the environmental impacts of shipping emissions

  • Lead partner: Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Deadline: January 2024

Blue Supply Chains 

  • Lead partner: Port of Hamburg Marketing
  • Deadline: December 2025  

Sustainable Flow

  • Lead partner: Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
  • Deadline: May 2026

Baltic Sea e-Nav

  • Lead partner: Swedish Maritime Administration
  • Deadline: October 2026


  • Lead partner: Turku University of Applied Sciences 
  • Deadline: October 2026

OpenRisk II

  • Lead partner: Finnish Transport and Communication Agency
  • Deadline: October 2026


Past projects​

Completing management ​options in the Baltic Sea Region to reduce risk of invasive species introduction by shipping - COMPLETE​​

  • Lead partner: Kotka Maritime Research Association, Finland
  • Deadline:​ September 2020

Eco-efficiency to maritime industry processes in the Baltic Sea region through digitalisation - ECOPRODIGI​

  • Lead partner: University of Turku, Finland
  • Deadline: September 2020

Environmental Impact of Low Emission Shipping: Measurements and Modelling Strategies – EnviSuM 

  • Lead partner: University of Turku
  • Finalised: April 2019

Sustainable Shipping and Environment of the Baltic Sea Region  - SHEBA

  • Lead partner: Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • Finalised: June 2018

Compliance monitoring for Mar​pol Annex VI - CompMon​

  • Lead Partner: Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Finland
  • Finalised: December 2016

Indexing the environmental impact of vessels​

  • Lead partner: Clean Shipping Network Association
  • Finalised: 2016

To facilitate LNG (liquefied natural gas) infrastructure in Baltic Sea Ports II – LNG in Baltic Sea Ports II

  • Lead Partner: Port of Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Finalised: December 2015

Build competences on Liquefied Natural Gas installations in the region

  • Lead Partner: Klaipeda Science and Technology Park, Lithuania
  • Finalised: June 2015

Promote measures to collect ship generated waste

  • Lead Partner: HELCOM
  • Finalised: March 2015

Elimination of discharges of sewage from ships

  • Lead Partner: HELCOM

To facilitate LNG (liquefied natural gas) infrastructure in Baltic Sea Ports

  • Lead Partner: Port of Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Finalised: December 2014

Clean Baltic Sea Shipping

  • Lead Partner: Port of Trelleborg​​, Sweden
  • Finalised: December 2013

BSR InnoS​​hip

  • Lead Partner: Baltic Institute of Finland, Finland
  • Finalised: December 2013 ​

Conduct a feasibility study on LNG infrastructure for short sea shipping

  • Lead Partner: Danish Maritime Authority, Denmark
  • Finalised: June 2012

Improve the waste handling on board and in ports

  • Lead Partner: Region Blekinge, Sweden
  • Finalised: January 2012