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The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, Invalidenstraße 44, 10115 Berlin, Germany
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PA Ship Workshop


Workshop: Operational steps to establish Green Shipping Corridors as a way to achieve zero-carbon shipping

Organiser: EUSBSR PA Ship

Date: 8th of June, 9:00 - 14:00 CET

Venue: The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, Invalidenstraße 44, 10115 Berlin, Germany

EUSBSR Policy Area (PA) Ship organizes a workshop on operational steps to establish green shipping corridors as a way to achieve zero-carbon shipping. The workshop will take place in Berlin (on-site only) on June 8, 2023. The workshop is organized back-to-back with the Germany’s Presidency of the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Expert Group on Sustainable Maritime Economy meeting.

The need to achieve net-zero in the shipping industry has inspired the concept of green shipping corridors. These green shipping corridors can be a useful and effective driver towards energy transition and establish favourable conditions for decarbonisation. The development of a fully decarbonized green shipping corridor is a process that requires structured and long-term plans. One of the first steps in establishing a green shipping corridor is to involve all relevant actors and stakeholders along the value chain and to set expected goals and achievements.

In the workshop, the plan is to bring together different actors from all parts of the value chain of the green shipping corridors (e.g. port authorities and port operators, vessel owners and operators, cargo owners, fuel production, policy makers, research institutes) and give the opportunity to discuss and create cooperation networks.

The workshop will have presentations on the concept of green shipping corridors, operational steps on how to implement these green corridors and what plans have already been made for the implementation of green corridors in the Baltic Sea region and in the Nordics. The second part of the workshop include a panel discussion where the panel will discuss the implementation of these green shipping corridors (e.g. fuel production facilities, transportation links between production facilities and ports, and bunkering infrastructure), about possible plans for implementing green corridors in different countries/regions/ports, the related challenges and ideas on how to overcome them. The third part of the workshop offers the European Union's perspective on the concepts of green shipping corridors and information on what kind of support there is for the development of these green corridors.


Please find the programme of the workshop attached.


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