Policy Area Nutri participated to a stakeholder session at the EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week. The panel discussion was titled ”Development of resilient value chains and their impact on sustainable energy supply and its saving potential” and included reflections from four different points of view from experts coming from different Macro-Regional Strategies. Baltic Sea Region send researcher Erik Sindhöj from Research Institutes of Sweden to discuss how recycling of nutrients can decrease the use of fossil fuels and improve the resilience of value chains. All panellists at the session were:

  • Dr Gerd Meier zu Köcker, Managing Director RegioClusterAgentur Baden-Württemberg Co-coordinator of EUSDR PA 8 Cluster and Regional Development Working Group and Coordinator of EUSALP Action Group 2 Sub-Group on Bioeconomy, Thematic Priority (Subgroup) Bioeconomy/Cluster Development.
  • Nirvana Kapitan Butkovic, Coordinator of EUSDR Priority Area 8 Competitiveness of Enterprises
  • Dieter Hertweck, Research Professor for Service Science at Reutlingen University of Applied Sciences Coordinator of the EUSDR PA 8 Digital Danube Working Group Expert on the topic of "Digital tools for identifying and implementing circular economy value chains in SMEs”
  • Mateja Dermastia CEO of Anteja ECG, a women-led international consultancy dedicated to promoting sustainable economic development. Partner in the Danube Transnational Programme Interreg project GoDanuBio (EUSDR) and representative of EUSALP and EUSAIR Presentation of VCG.AI
  • Erik Sindhöj PhD Researcher at RiSe in Sweden, specialist about recycling of nutrients at RISE RESEARCH INSTITUTES OF SWEDEN, Representative of EUSBR
  • Marko Mitrovič Founder of Optifood, Maribor, Slovenia, optifood.eu Representative of EUSALP

Session’s recording can be downloaded here: https://gsp2.fromsmash.com/AiSNtkCi6g-ct


Sindhöj presentation

Photo: Screen shot from the stakeholder session, from presentation by researcher Erik Sindhöj (RiSe).


The EUMRSWeek and the stakeholder sessions aim at increasing cooperation between different Macro-Regional Strategies, spreading good practices and sharing experiences. The stakeholder session supported the PA Nutri Action to "Develop and promote safe and sustainable nutrient recycling".