On 30 June, Lithuania completes its one-year Presidency of the National Coordinators Group (NCG) of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).

Lithuania started the Presidency of the NCG with a motto “Revitalise-Recover-Recharge” and over the year engaged in implementing a list of Presidency priorities, such as the strengthening of cooperation with the Policy Area Coordinators (PACs), efficient implementation of the revised Action Plan, launching of the Baltic Sea Strategy Point (BSP) and organization of the Annual Forum 2021.

“In the light of common challenges the Baltic Sea Region faces, the role of the EUSBSR in ensuring the implementation of the EU strategic agenda (green and digital transformation, management of security issues, building resilience of our societies) increases. The EUSBSR has well established cross-border cooperation structure that has to be used to the full to respond to the challenges.” – stated Robertas Bružilas, National Coordinator of Lithuania and Chair of the NCG.

220630 REPORT of the LT Presidency of the NCG of the EUSBSR 003

Screenshot from the interview (author Liene Strazdiņa) on the EUSBSR Annual Forum 2021:
representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Robertas Bružilas and Laura Čeponytė.

“We appreciate and very much value the support, cooperation and active involvement of the National Coordinators, Policy Area Coordinators, the European Commission, the Interreg Baltic Sea Region MA/ JS, “Let’s Communicate” project, other institutions and organisations. Only by working together we succeeded in moving the implementation of the EUSBSR Action Plan forward. The Baltic Sea Strategy Point is to be launched in early autumn while the cross-PA and cross-MRS cooperation is being strengthened through well-established cooperation format “Coffee with the Presidency”. We hand over the Presidency to Sweden by wishing all success in ensuring further development and deepening of the Strategy” –concluded Robertas Bružilas.

The EUSBSR National Coordinators Group is the overall coordination body for the development, implementation and policy monitoring of the Strategy. The Presidency of the NCG rotates on an annual basis following the agreed order.

Download the Final report of the Lithuanian Presidency of the National Coordinators Group.