The European Commission has approved the revised EUSBSR Action Plan on 17 February 2021 and the revision process is now completed.

The revised Action Plan brings along, among others, the following elements to the Strategy:

  • 14 Policy Areas, no more Horizontal Actions
  • Neighbours & Climate are mainstreamed 
  • Empowers stakeholders & increases ownership
  • Baltic Sea Strategy Point to provide administrative and technical support 

The EUSBSR National Coordinators' Group Chair Simon Stermann welcomes the revised Action Plan:

The revised Action Plan manifests a milestone in the future cooperation of all stakeholders of the EUSBSR. With a more concise set of Actions and related indicators we will strengthen our ties on all levels and are more accessible for new, interested partners. At the same time the Actions will continue to link-up the EUSBSR family, for example, through mainstreaming important topics like climate and cooperation with neighbouring countries. I am thankful to all stakeholders who made this document an Action Plan full of inspiring ideas and I am looking forward to its implementation in the coming years.

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