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Combating of human trafficking through cooperation

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Human trafficking happens every day in the Baltic Sea region. It takes place in all countries – across the borders as well as locally. EUSBSR addresses this issue through Policy Area Secure which focuses on, among other things, cross-border crime.


Policy Area Secure is implemented under Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS). One of their latest projects, HOF-BSR which is funded by the Swedish Institute, dealt with assistance to victims of trafficking. One initiative within the project was to invite journalists to talk about trafficking. The purpose was the visibility aspect, explains Vineta Polatside from CBSS.

- Prevention and combating of human trafficking are closely linked to the visibility of this crime. Visibility of the crime is necessary to put human trafficking on the agenda of policy makers, police and social workers, as well as society in general. Media is therefore a very important target group for our activities.

The broader purpose of the project was ambitious: to establish the Baltic Sea region as a model region for assistance to victims of human trafficking.


The project “HOF-BSR” is funded by SI through the funding scheme “Seed funding for cooperation projects in the Baltic Sea region”.

The project HOF-BSR is also implemented as a response to the mandate CBSS has in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, as responsible for the policy area “Secure”, which focuses on, among other things, cross-border crime. SI has over the years provided funding for several projects that CBSS has run in collaboration with actors in the Baltic Sea region regarding human trafficking.


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