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EUSBSR in the eyes of a tourist

Written by  Kristina Tamošiūnaitė, Let's communicate!

Joint action makes it easier to be a tourist in Baltic Sea Region - Let’s celebrate World Tourism Day exploring our region!


In 1979, The International Tourism Organization declared the 27th September to be World Tourism Day. Every single year this day is celebrated with a purpose to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value. Undoubtedly – tourism plays an important role in the European economy, especially in generating growth and jobs. Over past decades, significant decline in the price of transport and growing middle classes worldwide has allowed more and more people to come to the Baltic Sea Region and experience its uniqueness.

There is no doubt – the Baltic Sea region has a lot of to offer! Coastal landscape, characterized by wind and waves, steep cliffs and fine sandy beaches, islands and bays, trees shaped by the wind, and thousand-year-old oaks – The Baltic Sea Region is worth a visit all year round. Its unspoiled nature and cultural heritage are the region’s most valuable assets and have cast their spell on people for centuries.

In order to jointly improve competitiveness for a sustainable tourism in the BSR, Germany (LP Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Tourist Board and Stralsund University of Applied Sciences), Poland (Pomorskie Tourist Board), Denmark (Danish Tourism Innovation - Visit East Denmark) and Lithuania (Association “Klaipėda region“) has joined forces to a project  “BSTC: Baltic Sea Tourism Center – Sustainable development structures for ACTIVE TOURISM“ under INTERREG South Baltic Programme. Project is labelled as EUSBSR Flagship project – the need for a unified international tourism structure is enshrined in the EUSBSR Action Plan.

During project implementation, Baltic Sea Tourism Center was established to collect expertise for improved communication and cooperation in tourism at macro-regional level by associating the key tourism stakeholders, voicing jointly the interests of the tourism sector and promoting sustainable and competitive tourism in the Baltic Sea region. Center seeks to become leading centre of expertise speaking for tourism development in the Baltic Sea region – providing partnerships, insights and skills. 

What is more, during the BSTC project, 12 innovative tourism products were created. Touristic routes invite to discover an unknown side of the Baltic Sea Region by actively engaging and experiencing local traditions and offer priceless memories and impressions. Check them out and find your next holiday destination at the Baltic Sea.

Joint action makes it easier to be a tourist in the Baltic Sea Region. Come and explore the region! It doesn’t matter whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring time – the Baltic Sea Region is always waiting for you!


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