Thursday, 26 September 2019 11:04

Let’s Share and Learn!

Written by  Marta Czarnecka-Gallas, Let’s Communicate

One of great occasions to meet, get to know each other, discuss urging issues, brainstorm new solutions and get inspired from the experts and each other, is the Annual Conference of South Baltic Programme, held this year on 24-25 October in a truly picturesque and hospitable Masurian town of Ostróda, Poland.

How many of you are involved in at least one initiative contributing to growth or transfer of knowledge and innovation across the Baltic Sea?

How many of you act to increase skills and capacity in your organisation?

How many of you want to benefit from sustainable, well-managed transport and green technologies replacing the old solutions posing a threat on a delicate Baltic environment?

Hopefully, all! And it is certainly comforting that the community of active, engaged and creative individuals around the Baltic Sea is vast and growing.



Being at the conference, you can get a picture of the whole spectrum of different initiatives, funded thanks to the Programme. Nearly 95 million EUR has been distributed among 64 regular and 26 seed money projects, enabling 534 partners for cross-border cooperation, who benefitted throughout 2014-20 in 6 calls for proposals.

7 projects were granted a Flagship status of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, in which they may serve as an additional inspiration for others.

The South Baltic Programme Conference indicated that it is high time to capitalise on the results and offered some space to discuss potential ways to do it in an effective way.

Next years will show how the inspiration provided worked, and hopefully, we will all see the South Baltic projects results in practice.


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