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EUSBSR flagship status - what does it mean for a project?

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The actions of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region are implemented by means of Flagships. Flagships demonstrate the progress of the Strategy, and may serve as pilot examples for desired action in a given field. In May, five new flagships were approved in the National Coordinators' meeting. We contacted the projects and asked what the status means to them.

The five approved Flagship projects are:


COMBINE, under Policy Area Transport, works on making transport more environmental friendly through enhancing the share of combined transport.

Within our COMBINE project we aim at enhancing the share of combined transport in the Baltic Sea Region in order to make transport more efficient and environmentally friendly. During our project work we encourage macro-regional transfer of sustainable solutions in freight transfer and exchange best practices and experience in implementing innovations and smart technology measures among the EU Member States. The EUSBSR Flagship status is a confirmation that our efforts are well in line the EUSBSR Action Plan.

Nikola Košvancová, Port of Hamburg Marketing Regd. Assn. (Lead Partner)


SuMaNu, a project platform under Policy Area Bioeconomy, aims at reducing the nutrient inflow to the Baltic Sea. The focus is on sustainable use of manure and nutrient management in agriculture.

We believe that the Flagship status under the EUSBSR says that the Baltic Sea region countries consider agriculture as a key player in the shift to circular economy. While the boundary conditions of the linear economy and agriculture driven by fossil energy and rock phosphates are well known, the pathways for agriculture to circulate manure nutrients, increase soil organic matter and build symbiotic links with other sectors need increased attention. As a flagship project, SuMaNu platform can act the hub for state-of-the-art in these issues and maintain agriculture, manure and nutrients as one of the priority topics under the umbrella of the EUSBSR in the coming two years.

Kaj Granholm, Project Manager, The Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea (BSAG)


A Flagship under Policy Area Secure, CASCADE improves urban resilience in cities and towns, as well as the overall macro-regional resilience. Particular focus is on climate change related risks and adaptation.

The project CASCADE is very proud to be selected as a EUSBSR Flagship by PA Secure. This means a lot for our consortium and gives us more visibility among EU projects. This honor confirms that our vision on implementing the Sendai treaty in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond wakes up interest in our stakeholders and policy makers in the EU area.

Miikka Toivonen, Project Manager, Southwest Finland Emergency Services, Lead Partner of CASCADE


ResQU2 is a project platform under Policy Area Secure. It consists of four projects focusing on improving the fire and rescue services capacity to respond to accidents in ports and at sea.

MARA is a Flagship project under Horizontal Action Spatial Planning. It improves the accessibility and mobility in remote touristic areas of the Baltic Sea region. It brings together partners across the whole region, including also Norway and Russia.


All ongoing and completed EUSBSR Flagships are listed in the Annex of the Action Plan.  

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