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10 Years of EUSBSR Cooperation - Let's highlight people behind the results!

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This year, European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) turns 10 years. The Anniversary Year is a good opportunity to give faces to some of the people behind the EUSBSR!


These past 10 years, multiple organizations, hundreds of flagships and most important, people in and around the Baltic Sea Region have worked and acted for saving the sea, increasing prosperity and connecting the region.

But who are actually working for the Strategy? The EUSBSR Communication Point had a chance to meet many of you from the EUSBSR community at the Annual Forum. We asked you to summarise the Strategy in 1 word - what is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the six letters E, U, S, B, S & R?

As the community is bigger than we managed to reach, we welcome and encourage everyone to share what the Strategy means for them.

Twitter: Use the hashtag #EUSBSR10Years

Facebook: Tag @EUSBSR


Here are some examples of EUSBSR in 1 word



Sustainability expert Esben &

PA Bioeconomy Coordinator Torfi

IMG 3017                                                                                       


Magda works with EUSBSR Flagship projectsimage1 002                                                      


PA Nutri Coordinator Sanni (in the middle) & PA Hazards Coordinators Maxi and Clarisse

IMG 3029


Programme Manager Gabor & PA Education Coordinator Sabine

IMG 3026


Danish National Coordinator Marcus

IMG 3022


Agnieszka works with Flagship projects

IMG 3023


Active participants of the Baltic Youth Camp

making young people more included in the EUSBSR

IMG 2999


PA Tourism Coordinator Andrea

IMG 3014


Kristiina & Milla are working with the EUSBSR from a regional point of view

IMG 3020



Jean-Pierre works with macro-regional strategies at the European Commission

IMG 3006



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