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Website for designing for the elderly is now available

Written by  Beata Fabisiak

The first website that gives access to expert knowledge and research results on the subject of designing for seniors is now available. Designers, producers and practitioners can use it free of charge! The creation and development of the tool is the result of transnational works carried out as part of the EUSBSR Flagship, BaltSe@nioR project.


Get to know Virtual Library - the website for designing for the elderly

The project, an EUSBSR Flagship under Policy Area Innovation, has launched Virtual Library. This is the first website based on expert knowledge dedicated to the subject of designing for the elderly. The Virtual Library publishes the results of research carried out as part of the project, as well as a comprehensive bibliography of experts dealing with the issues related to the needs of the elderly, the purchasing power of seniors, housing conditions of the elderly, the design process, universal design, robotics, biomechanics, etc. All materials that are uploaded in the Virtual Library are available to its users free of charge.

Access the library

Designers, researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs can create their profile in the Virtual Library free of charge. The functionalities include the option of attaching a catalog of products, portfolio, photos of the interiors designed or/and equipped with your furniture, promotional movies, as well as providing a link to your website.

The knowledge that is available in the Virtual Library is divided into the following thematic blocks:

  • Demographic data,
  • Seniors as consumers: purchasing power, shopping behavior,
  • The process of new product development,
  • Aging of the human body,
  • Characteristics of seniors' households,
  • Smart furniture.

This list is constantly expanded.


A result of transnational cooperation

In the Virtual Library you will find many, interesting materials, among others:

  • video tutorials about ideas for smart furniture enhancing seniors comfort and safety;
  • files related to the age simulator. You will be able to download the files with the 3D model of the age simulator and use them to print your own suit simulating selected movement limitations, appearing in an old age;
  • photos and storytelling material, that designers and enterprises will be able to use free of charge to promote common values characterizing the furniture industry in the countries of the Baltic Sea region.

To discover all functionalities of the Virtual Library it is worth watching a short movie.

Ten BSR actors within their transnational cooperation has created a valuable online place, based on expert knowledge, in which people interested in the subject of designing for seniors will be able to find business partners, experts, knowledge and inspiration to support the design process. Thus it is worth logging into the Virtual Library.



BaltSe@nior project creates innovative solutions to support enterprises in the Baltic Sea Region in product development aimed at raising comfort and safety of seniors home living. It is an EUSBSR Flagship under Policy Area Innovation.The project is co-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) within the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region.


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