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Get to know the EUSBSR Annual Forum programme!

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The 10th EUSBSR Annual Forum is approaching. As always, the Forum is full of interesting seminars to choose from. This year, seminars and discussions are linked to the main theme of circular economy. To make it slightly easier for you to get to know the programme, this post lists the seminars organized by the EUSBSR Policy Areas and Horizontal Actions.


PA and HA Coordinators and EUSBSR Flagships are also well represented in many panel discussions. In addition, for those interested in macro-regions in general, there will be a seminar about macro-regional development organized by Interact.

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Annual Forum seminars organised by EUSBSR Policy Areas and Horizontal Actions


Blue and green bioeconomy in the BSR from a youth perspective by PA Bioeconomy

This action oriented seminar deals with key trends for the blue and green bioeconomy and how to get young people more involved in bioeconomy.


Circular economy and health: it's mainly good news by PA Health

The seminar, moderated by PA Health coordinator, discusses health benefits of circular economy. As an outcome, participants are more aware of the opportunities and risks for health during the transition to circular economy.  


Recognising potential – easing the way for migrants by HA Capacity, PA Education, EUSDR P9, EUSALP AG3

The seminar focuses on exchange of good practice for smoothening integration of refugees and migrants.The seminar will also give input when forming a joint flagship for all four macro-regional strategies regarding integration of migrants.


Safe nutrient recycling for cleaner Baltic Sea by PA Nutri, PA Hazards

The seminar presents the status of the Regional Nutrient Recycling Strategy and invites stakeholders to discuss the draft objectives, knowledge base and social and economic aspects for safe nutrient recycling in the region.


"Sustainable Working Life in the Baltic Sea Region", focusing on demographic change, labour market and future work by HA Neighbours, PA Education

The seminar is aiming to provide the holistic cross sectoral overview of the current challenges in the labour market.


Towards a digital bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region by PA Innovation, PA Bioeconomy

This multi-format seminar will explore synergies between digitalisation and circular/bioeconomy to inspire cross-sectoral initiatives. It discusses how EUSBSR can promote interaction between the two trends by coordinated policy efforts and joint activities across PA's/HA's.


What will demographic changes bring to BSR accessibility? by HA Spatial Planning, PA Transport

Workshop will observe the spatial challenges and consequences for accessibility in the Baltic Sea Region due to the demographic changes and will discuss the existing "sharing economy" solutions tackling these challenges both in sparsely populated rural regions and in dynamic metropolitan areas.


The 10th Annual Forum will be organised in Gdansk on June 12-13. The theme of the Forum is "Circular and sharing economy as an answer to demographic changes and environmental challenges in the Baltic Sea Region". Forum  will create the opportunity to participate in 18 thematic panels and Networking Village. More information on the official Forum website

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