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“From peace to lipstick” – Interreg BSR Programme conference was about results

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Interreg BSR Programme organized a conference in Lubeck, Germany on 9-10 April 2019 to talk about projects’ results and what has been achieved so far within the programme.It is safe to say that all conference participants were impressed.

The conference amazed us by the results of individual projects, project platforms, the scope of topics and cooperation and how the event itself was organized.


From the point of view of the EUSBSR, it was good to see that the Programme has succeeded to cover all Strategy’s three objectives. Project partners have also expressed that they all feel connected to the EUSBSR and its objectives. In addition, one of Programme’s priorities is EUSBSR Support. With these remarks EUSBSR can also agree that the Programme is on the right track.


One of the main topics of the conference was project platforms. Project platform is a new initiative with the aim to bring single projects and their results together in order to make more impact. At the moment, there are six on-going platforms and three new were selected right after the conference by the Monitoring Committee.



Platforms are closely linked to the EUSBSR as many of the projects are Flagships. In addition, platforms aim at close cooperation with policy-makers and making a higher impact than a single project. To achieve this, EUSBSR Policy Area/Horizontal Action coordinators have an important role in connecting platforms with policy-makers. It is also interesting to point out that Policy Area coordinators have been active in initiating platforms.


The title, a quote from one conference reporter amazed by the scope and results of Interreg BSR Programme projects, is a good reminder also about communications and its importance. The results of cooperation are impressive but communicating about the success stories can never be addressed too much. Making the results visible strengthens the cooperation among the project partners but also the feeling that everyone can make a difference and participate in the European project.


Read about the conference also on the Interreg BSR Programme website.

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