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Involving youth in the EUSBSR: Mission impossible?

Written by  Lars Fredrik Lund Godbolt, BSSC

Let’s face it. The EUSBSR is hard to communicate. In general terms, yes, but perhaps especially to outsiders such as youth. The strategy is volatile, intangible and hard to measure. Therefore, it is hard to sell. The Baltic Youth Camp 2019 will try the mission impossible: Not only explaining it to youth – but also activating them in the strategy.


The Baltic Youth Camp invites 150 youths aged 18-25 to the island of Sobieszewo just outside of Gdansk. The youth are invited from June 8 to June 11, bringing together 110 students from all over the Baltic Sea Region – from Reykjavik to the west to St. Petersburg in the east. 50 students from local schools in the Pomorskie region will also come. Together they will learn about the different cultures around the Baltic Sea Region, the role of culture in creating mutual respect and understanding, the importance of the Sustainable development goals – and of course the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region!


All is possible at the youth camp!

The camp will be at Hotel Orle. Surrounded by beautiful green woods and magnificent golden beaches, the youths will not only stay indoors and listen to experts. The camp will offer over twenty different workshops – all aiming to activate the participants – both inside and outside. Participants will learn about an important element of the EUSBSR, culture, by participating in singing, dancing and musical workshops. How about a drumming workshop around the campfire on the beach? Or perhaps you’d like to showcase your own culture by bringing an object to a ‘show and tell’ workshop? Or just come dance to the favorite tunes of the Baltic Sea Region? All is possible at the youth camp!


..calculating your CO2-footprint and live demos from fire brigades

The youth will learn about several of the areas of the EUSBSR. The PA Culture has been a part of the organizing of the youth camp since the very beginning ensuring culture as an important part of the camp. HA Climate and PA Secure will have workshops on calculating your CO2-footprint and live demos from fire brigades. The sustainable development goals are highlighted amongst others by experts from Council of Baltic Sea States, on workshops on climate change, circularity in different industries such as the fashion industry – and even laboratory experiments on how to measure pollution and microplastics in the ocean. The EUSBSR communication project Let’s Communicate will also have a workshop on the EUSBSR as a whole, called “EUSBSR for dummies”.


The youth will have a great chance to influence

Throughout the youth camp there is plenty of time designated to work on the ‘Baltic Sea Youth Declaration’ a youth declaration where the youth can bring forward what they want to tell the stakeholders of the EUSBSR. The youth will have a great chance to influence these stakeholders: from the morning on the last day, politicians and stakeholders from all over the BSR are invited to come and listen to the declaration and go into dialogue with the youths at the youth camp. Being back to back with the EUSBSR Annual Forum, plenty of the youth will participate in the Annual Forum as well – and in the last plenary session of the forum the youths have been designated time to present their declaration.


 There is no reason not to apply to join

If you are between 18-25 and live in the Baltic Sea Region* apply now! And if not – be sure to invite your local youth to participate.  Accommodation and food are covered by the Youth Camp – and the travel expenses are reimbursed! So, there is no reason not to apply to join. We have 100 open slots and will do a selection to get a gender balanced and heterogenous and motivated group of youngsters of all ages from all over the Baltic Sea Region.


Apply now and

Registration deadline is April 15.


* Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden

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