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Improving transport cooperation with third countries

Written by  Algirdas Šakalys, Coordinator Policy Area Transport

Seminar on the subject "Development of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) integrated multimodal transport links with third counties" was held in Vilnius on 8 October 2018 with the aim to facilitate implementation of actions anticipated in the EUSBSR Policy Area Transport Action Plan on the improvement of transport cooperation with the third countries.

 Developing transport connections China – Europe via the BSR

The seminar was dedicated to exchange views (first of all, among transport researchers and interested representatives of business) about the possibilities to form the network of partners interested in cooperation in developing transport connections China – Europe via the BSR.

 During the seminar two dominant topics were discussed, namely:

  • Ongoing transport projects serving global trade flows Asia-Europe (with focus on the BSR), including the deployment of innovative intermodal supply chain solutions and transport green technologies
  • Improvement of cooperation with the EU Eastern Partnership countries (EaP) for better convergence of transport planning, management and integrity of logistics patterns (leading to possible joint projects).


 Sharing views on joint research

The aim of the seminar was to take the first steps in starting a dialogue on cooperation between research and business representatives of BSR and third countries in developing transregional transport connections. The seminar provided a good opportunity to share the views on joint research the scope of which could consist of:

  • preliminary assessment on what countries, as well as the entire BSR will gain from the development of new Silk Road routes to /along the macro-region,
  • identification of the additional interfaces needed between the new Silk Road routes and internal transport network of the BSR, including the TEN-T core network corridors,
  • preparation and suggestion of models and decision support systems aimed at helping public authorities and private companies to ensure and promote high level collaboration and trust between different stakeholders and main hubs along global transport corridors/ open type supply chain,
  • as well as preparation of proposals on solutions enabling peripheral regions of the BSR to have adequate accessibility to international (global) trade.


Opportunities of the Baltic Sea region

The event contributed to implementing the EUSBSR Transport Action Plan, namely Action 2 (development of BSR transport links with the third counties), since it was attended by major actors of global logistics market and famous researchers from Europe and China. With growing trade flows between Asia and Europe, the BSR transport system has huge potential opportunities to increase the segment of served market.


Find attached the full summary of the seminar.


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