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EUSBSR Flagship status - what does it mean for a project?

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A new Flagship project was approved by the National Coordinators under Horizontal Action Climate. The actions of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region are implemented by means of Flagships. Flagships demonstrate the progress of the Strategy, and may serve as pilot examples for desired action in a given field. What does the Flagship status mean for the newly approved project?

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The HA Climate newly approved Flagship "BioBIGG - Bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area: Biomass-based Innovation and Green Growth" seeks to strengthen the SME innovation capacity related to unutilised biological resources.


“We here in the BioBIGG consortium are very proud and honoured to become a member of EUSBSR flagship family. The flagship status will provide a unique platform for communication and dissemination of the project results and activities, which related to unlocking the innovation potential of unutilized biomass resources and strengthening the biomass-based innovation capacity of SME’s. By interacting with other key stakeholders, we are keen to further develop the bioeconomy in the wider Baltic Sea region”.


Mark Booker Nielsen, Roskilde University (Lead partner) 


"Besides increasing the resource and energy efficiency and reducing the GHG emissions, the activities of the BioBIGG project are contributing to the EUSBSR climate goals also in respect to climate change adaptation. By providing new knowledge and concrete solutions for innovative products, processes and business opportunities for utilizing agri-industry residuals, agriculture sector and particularly rural communities become economically less vulnerable to negative effects of the climate change like loss of crops due to extreme weather events."


Krista Kampus,Senior Advisor of the CBSS, coordinator of HA Climate


More information about the BioBIGG project can be found on the website
All ongoing and completed EUSBSR Flagships are listed in the Annex of the Action Plan.  




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