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Workshop: How can we build a better Baltic Sea future for 2040 and beyond?

Written by  PA ‘Spatial Planning’ / VASAB Secretariat

Predicting the future and preparing selves for unexpected developments has always been in people`s minds. As a response developing shared visions and setting joint goals is crucial to thrive our territories and strengthen the resilience of our communities and places we live, work or enjoy.

This spring VASAB, Policy area ‘Spatial Planning’ coordinator within EUSBSR, launched the update of its Long-Term Perspective for the Territorial Development of the Baltic Sea Region (LTP) – strategic spatial planning document that provides territorial dimension to the EUSBSR framework and macro-regional cooperation and is targeted towards territorial coherence in 2040. The update of the Long-Term Perspective will take place by the end of 2022 and is carried out together with support of contracted experts from Spatial Foresight and Nordregio.

You are welcome to join the first stakeholder workshop on the update of the VASAB Long-Term Perspective, taking place on 28th September online – “Bridging the old with the new: How can we build a better Baltic Sea future for 2040 and beyond?”. This event will be organised as part of EUSBSR Annual Forum programme, considering the strategic role of VASAB Long-Term Perspective for the EUSBSR framework. The workshop will discuss to what extent current developments can be a driver for developing a clear vision for a more sustainable, thriving and modern Baltic Sea Region.

Workshop will be organized as a forecathon (a forecast marathon) - a sprint-like event with online participatory tool, which allows for speedy forecasts through a quick design and operationalisation of a participatory process. During the workshop, participants will follow a co-creation approach to explore how the BSR could look like in 2040 and what are relevant trends that may influence the spatial development. The results of the discussion will further be applied into the work of the update of the VASAB Long-Term Perspective which has been initiated in order to adapt to arisen global and regional challenges, such as pandemic reality, demographic trends, impacts of the climate change, territorial patterns of activities, digitalization, etc. This is a kick-off event of series of workshops and other stakeholder engagement activities that will be carried out in 2021-22 throughout the update process.

Registration for the EUSBSR Annual Forum and application for the 1st stakeholder workshop on the update of VASAB Long-Term Perspective (28th September, 9.00-12.00 CET) is HERE.

More information about VASAB and the update of Long-Term Perspective, as well as other related events can be found HERE.

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