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Joint effort for green transition: Four Policy Areas organised a webinar on alternative fuels

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On May 20 2021, EUSBSR Policy Areas 'Ship', 'Safe', 'Energy' and 'Transport' showed a great example of the power of joint effort by organizing a webinar "Alternative Fuels: Impacts on Maritime Safety and the Environment in the Baltic Sea Region".

The webinar brought together diverse speakers from the maritime industry, public sector, and academia to discuss the opportunities and challenges of alternative fuels and their role in the green transition. 

The Baltic Sea Region holds great potential for the collaborative establishment of an alternative fuel ecosystem. With the region’s status as a sustainability front runner and center for innovation, it is well positioned to ride the wave of the green transition and lead the way in establishing clean, green, and safe shipping with the use of alternative fuels.


Get to know the results of the webinar

You can read the background documents & watch the webinar recording here >>


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