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Connecting the region efficiently, affordably and sustainably

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The prosperity of the Baltic Sea Region is strongly dependent on efficient, affordable and sustainable cross-border connections within the region and beyond. “A high standard of transport is an important factor in contributing to the development of foreign trade and international exchange of services and knowledge,” says PA Transport Coordinator Algirdas Šakalys.

When asked about the role of PA Transport in the context of the EUSBSR, Mr. Algirdas Šakalys starts by explaining the development of the trans-European transport (TEN-T) network crossing the BSR, their connections with third countries has a great impact on further welfare growth of the region. It is still a key importance to ensure effective physical and functional access of the urban nodes and further located rural & peripheral regions to the three core network corridors crossing the BSR.

- In this context, the EUSBSR Transport Action Plan is focused on realization of the main objectives of the EUSBSR, particularly on Connect the Region and Increase Prosperity. At the same time, the EUSBSR Transport Action Plan responds not only to the specific challenges in the region, but also to the common challenges facing the EU as whole. Especially when it deals with the priorities of the Green Deal and the EU Strategic Agenda 2019 - 2024, such as, building a climate neutral, green, fair and social Europe and development of a strong and vibrant economic base, Mr. Šakalys specifies.


Transport solutions to connect diverse region 

The Baltic Sea Region is not homogeneous and has a strong spatial diversity. It is a region of its inner energy – bustling metropolises and quiet areas away from them. EUSBSR itself is also a very complex structure, which includes many different stakeholders, policy areas, different level institution etc.

- One of most important tasks of the transport policy in the region is to improve internal transport connections, and help expanding cities to cope with new bottlenecks and congestions in freight transport, as well as in urban and suburban passenger transport. At the same time, at the level of this region it is very important to find rational solutions for ensuring mobility services for the inhabitants of remote and shrinking settlements. It is therefore important and rational to exchange a good practise and cooperate across the region and beyond to address the above challenges,” Mr. Šakalys remarks.


Developing corridors across Europe 

What is more, it is very important to have a good transport connection with other macro-regions of the European Union.

- The revised EUSBSR Transport Action Plan therefore attaches a great importance to the development of three TEN-T core network corridors: Baltic-Adriatic, Scandinavian–Mediterranean and Nord Sea–Baltic, cross the territory of the Baltic Sea Region. The development of these corridors, using innovative transport solutions and technologies aims to provide high-quality transport services for businesses operating among Europe’s most important transport and logistics hubs, as well as providing passengers convenient and safe connections to Europe’s major tourism and cultural centres, he adds.


Cooperation with different structures and countries

It is clear that successful implementation of EUSBSR and smooth, productive and beneficial policy areas’ activities are incomprehensible without the involvement of other stakeholders.

- Until now, the most important actors were the representatives of regional administrations and municipalities of the Baltic Sea region states, as well as researchers and scientists from universities, consulting and business companies. At the same time, it should be noted that representatives of the Ministries of Transport, or other responsible ministries responsible for the sector, of the Baltic Sea Region countries have participated in coordination activity of the PA Transport and it is expected that in the near future they will participate even more actively and with greater responsibility, the PA Transport coordinator observes.

It is worth mentioning that cooperation with different structures and countries beyond the Baltic Sea Region is also very important, as well as cooperation with businesses.

- It is necessary to work closely with business structures that activities are in line with the objectives of the EUSBSR Transport Action Plan. Great example of this could be the East-West Transport corridor Association (EWTCA) that served an innovative instrument (platform) to facilitate development of transport links within the region, as well as transport links with the third counties, including the EU Eastern Partnership countries and Asian economies, the PA coordinator explains.


Policy Area (PA) ‘Transport’ is coordinated by Lithuania and Sweden. It aims at improving internal and external transport links, which are prerequisites for the competitive region. Improvements can be achieved by facilitating a sustainable and efficient transport system in the Baltic Sea Region. 

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