Flagships and the EUSBSR - Tips & recommendations for communications


"As soon as the flagship status is granted, the flagship leader should follow the visual identity requirements of the EUSBSR and attach flagship label to it."
The EUSBSR Action Plan


Flagships demonstrate the progress of the EUSBSR, and for this reason it is important that the connection to the Strategy is recognizable, clearly communicated and instantly identifiable. Flagship status means also commitment to the EUSBSR visual identity: it means that you are allowed and encouraged to use the Flagship "stamp" in your communications, alongside with your project logo, for instance.
The Flagship label (the "stamp") is downloadable in the tool kit's section "Visual identity, logos & templates".


As a Flagship you are most probably required to have a responsible communicator leading your communications both internally and externally. You likely have a communication strategy and plan in place already. We advise you to review this strategy in light of the Flagships positioning within the EUSBSR. How can you use the EUSBSR framework to further your project in terms of promotion and stakeholder management? 

Use the EUSBSR Action Plan as well as this tool kit and the EUSBSR website to define consistent and clear communication goals of the EUSBSR consistent with your strategy. What key texts and/or infographics, videos or photos can assist you in making clear where your Flagship project sits within the EUSBSR framework?



This tool kit is also designed for the Flagships, and all material and tools are at your disposal! 

Credibility of EUSBSR communications often relies of the Flagships as they show concretely what the EUSBSR is about. The EUSBSRS Communication Point is constantly seeking fresh communciation material about Flagships, their progress, events or other outputs. Many Flagships have been featured in the EUSBSR blog - and it is at your disposal anytime!

If your Flagship has social media accounts, don't forget to tag #EUSBSR / @EUSBSR into your posts. Likes and shares are guaranteed! The EUSBSR Twitter page with more than 2500 followers and the EUSBSR Facebook page with a steadily growing community can function as great platforms for Flagship communications as well!



Flagships are expected to have regular contact with a PAC and to report their progress. Regular exhange between PAC and Flagships is mutually beneficial: Flagship can access new networks, which often would be out of their reach, and PACs receive the much-needed information on how the EUSBSR is put into practice in the most concrete terms.
Get in touch also with other EUSBSR Flagships and project implementing the Strategy (the list of ongoing and finished Flagships is available here). You can greatly benefit from doing things together: especially when it comes to seeking real impact in policies, for example, it makes much more sense to drive for the change together than alone.