Date, time: 4 October 2023, 10:00-11:30 EEST

Venue: The Small Guild (address: Amatu iela 5, Riga, Latvia)


Main organiser: PA Secure (CBSS Secretariat and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency)

Co-organiser: Ministry of the Interior, Department for Rescue Services, Finland



Ms. Vineta Polatside, CBSS Secretariat (TBC)

Mr. Andriy Martynenko, CBSS Secretariat (TBC)



Bengt Sundelius, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the Swedish Defence University, Strategic Adviser to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

Niko Ara, Development Manager, fire brigade leisure activities, the Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK)

Ivars Nakurts, Deputy Chief, State Fire and Rescue Service, Republic or Latvia

Jari Honkanen, Senior Specialist, Department for Rescue Services, Ministry of the Interior, Finland


Thematic link to the Forum: Climate Affairs, Youth, Safe and Sustainable Baltic Sea Region for Future Generations.

Description: The workshop will demonstrate how everyone in the Baltic Sea Region can work together to become more resilient in the face of today's challenges. During the workshop, participants will explore various real-life situations where different groups of people respond to current threats. Short, interactive sessions will involve the audience in finding answers to questions like: What should I have in my "emergency kit"? What's it like to be a volunteer? Where can we get information on community safety? How should you, as an individual, respond when a crisis occurs? These scenarios are based on recent research, project outcomes, and input from practitioners in different countries around the Baltic Sea Region.


Workshop agenda:

10:00-10:15 Introduction: individual, society and crises - Bengt Sundelius

10:15–10:45 interactive mini-workshop on individual resilience. Emergency kit. Example from Latvia, Ivars Nakurts.

10:45–11:15 interactive mini-workshop on volunteerism in societal security- Example from Finland. Niko Ara.

11:15–11:30 Conclusions and a word from the Finnish presidency in PA Secure. Jari Honkanen.



Contact person:

Mr. Andriy Martynenko

Council of the Baltic States (CBSS) Secretariat

PA Secure coordinator

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +46 (70) 388-3650