Date, time: 4 October 2023, 15:00-16:30 EEST

Venue: The Small Guild (address: Amatu iela 5, Riga, Latvia)


Organisers & co-organisers:

PA Culture coordinators

PA Tourism coordinators

CBSS Secretariat



Ms. Kaarina Williams, PA Culture coordinator

Ms. Silva Laure, Vice Chair of the Committee of Youth Representatives (Baltic Sea Region Youth Forum)


Mr. Ray-Kevin Finger, Committee of Youth Representatives (Baltic Sea Region Youth Forum).

Mr. Felix Schartner Giertta, Council of the Baltic Sea States

Ms. Marie Feddersen, Varde Municipality

Ms. Magdalena Maszewska, Pomorskie Tourist Board (Copernicus Trail)

Mr. Emils Rode, Project Expert, Danish Cultural Institute


Thematic link to the Forum: Youth.

Description: Many cities in the BSR face decreasing attractiveness, brain-drain of young people and dwindling social, political and civil society engagement. Local authorities may lack the resources to counteract this downward spiral. We bring together local perspectives, practical examples, the BSR policy perspective and an ongoing initiative to build capacity in local authorities making better use of local assets, culture and young people for revitalization and regeneration of their communities, leading to increased social resilience and attractiveness, also for sustainable touristic activities in the BSR.

Workshop agenda:


15:05     Introduction

15:10     Audience Icebreakers

15:20     Framing session with questions to the panel

15.30     Case studies 3-4x10

   15:30     Case 1: Varde The Municipal perspective

   15:45     Case 2: CYR The Youth perspective

   16:00     Case 3: BSR Cultural Pearls Case study and macro-regional approach

   16.15     Case 4: Copernicus Local/Regional approach

16.15     Discussion & closure Audience and panelists

16.30     End


Contact person:

Ms. Kaarina Williams

Ministry for European Affairs of Land Schleswig-Holstein

PA Culture coordinator/Senior Adviser for Baltic Sea Region Affairs

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +49 (431) 988-2636