2018 Tallinn


Date, Time

Tuesday, 5 June, 13.30-15.00 @ Small Hall



Mr Darijus Valiucko, Project Manager, Atene KOM


Opening remarks

Ms Daria Akhutina, Senior Adviser, CBSS

Mr Mikko Lohikoski, Senior Adviser, City of Turku



Mr Peyman Khodabakhsh, Project Developer and Manager, Atene KOM

Mr Lars Ahlbäck, CEO, Tilaajavastuu

Mr Jury Vorotnitsky, Chairman of the Board, Digitalization Transformation of the State Belarus University

Ms Svetlana Kochkaeva, Manager for the Center for Science and Technology Foresight Department of the ITMO University



The objective of the seminar is to take a look at the preconditions for the digitalization and promote cooperation in the region by bringing digital solutions together and discussing how these solutions could be used to increase cooperation in different ways in the region. The municipalities and regions have to get ready for the digital world after 2020. Having similar joint challenges calls for cooperation in the region. As a result joint solutions will be worked out and experience shared.

HA Neighbours´ experts in regional cooperation will set the stage for the discussion through a short introduction of the possibilities of more extensive and thorough international cooperation in our region. Digitalization is a trend which is sweeping across all societies and by doing so it creates immense possibilities in different fields.

Our moderator Project manager Darijus Valiucko from atene KOM, a prominent IT and communications agency, will lead us deeper in to the subject matter with the help from experts and professionals. We will get to hear examples of successful digitalization projects and cooperation platforms and also hear what kind of obstacles there have been. After we have heard about the successes and obstacles we will turn to their solutions in an expert panel. Our panelists will tackle the issues from several angles in industries, regions, education etc. and from several countries.

What digitalization offer international cooperation and what international cooperation offer digitalization? Business opportunities, legislative improvements, a higher standard of living? Come hear how we can really start to utilize the full potential of the digital revolution.



Mr Juhani Ailio, Centrum Balticum

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