2018 Tallinn


Date, Time

Tuesday, 5 June, 11.00-12.30 @ Woodblock Hall



Ms Maija Sirola, BONUS Secretariat



Ms Monika Stankiewicz, Executive Secretary, HELCOM

Professor Erik Fridell, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Professor Peter Sigray, Research Director, Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University

Mr Piotr Nowak, Port of Gdynia



With cargo volumes and the number of passengers being transported by ship on the Baltic Sea steadily increasing, which policies and abatement measures are required in order to achieve the environmental sustainability of the sector? The BONUS SHEBA project has produced many unique results showing the contributions of shipping to air pollution and contributions to loads of contaminants in seawater, as well as maps of shipping-related emissions of underwater noise and assessment of the impact of these pressures on marine life, land ecosystems and human health. A number of future scenarios have been assessed in terms of the impact of different policies and technical abatement measures on reducing the negative environmental impact caused by shipping. This seminar will place these results in the context of the environmental status of the Baltic Sea and the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan, including in discussion between experts from the BONUS SHEBA project, HELCOM and shipping industry stakeholders. In an interactive dialogue the panel will seek a pathway to a sustainable and competitive maritime sector in the Baltic Sea Region for the coming decades.

The seminar will directly address:

1) the general objective of the ‘After 2020’ Forum;

2) the Forum’s main theme – ‘EUSBSR and the marine environment’; and

3) the ‘Save the Sea’ objective and the themes ‘Increase Prosperity’ and ‘Connect the Region’.



Ms Jana Moldanová, IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Coordinator of BONUS SHEBA, EUSBSR flagship of PA SHIP

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